He is professor of Literary Theory at Rural Federal University of the Brazilian Semiarid Region (UFERSA – Brazil), Ph.D in Comparative Literature,  Graduate Program in Language Studies (PPGeL), Rio Grande do Norte Federal University (UFRN); Master of Letters, Graduate Program in Letters (PPGL), Rio Grande do Norte State University (UERN), licentiate degree in Portuguese, College of Letters and Arts at the same university,   has experience in Letters, Portuguese language teaching, mainly, Portuguese language and literature teaching, José Saramago, Brazilian Literature, Comparative Literature, and Literary Theory. Oliveira Neto was editor of the small newspapers Trabuco. He is author of Retratos para a construção do feminino na prosa de José Saramago (Editora Appris) Sertanices (poetry, unpublished), Bardos (poetry, unpublished), and Palavras de pedra e cal (poetry, e-book, independent production). He is editor of 7faces  magazine – an electronic poetry periodical and of the literary blog Letras in.verso e re.verso.

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e-mail: pedro.letras@yahoo.com.br